Preparing for Adulthood: Life skills training

Daily life skills

Life Skills include all necessary and meaningful activities carried out in our daily lives. Activities of daily life include grooming, dressing, feeding, toilet-use, bathing etc. These important life skills allow us to deal effectively with daily-life challenges.

Daily life skills for children and adolescents are divided into cognitive, emotional and interpersonal/social skills.

Cognitive skills Decision-making
Problem solving
Critical thinking
Learning abilities
Creative thinking
Emotional Skills Self-awareness
Interpersonal/social skills Communication skills
Social awareness
Relationship maintenance

Some people might be unable to carry out these tasks of daily lives with ease and might need the help of a professional.

Occupational therapy for daily life skills

An occupational therapist identifies limitations with functioning and designs a treatment plan aimed at maximising independence and responsibility for daily activities. An  Occupational therapist aims to develop psycho-social competence in a client by teaching them constructive behaviour about well-being.

In case of temporary deficits an Occupational therapist identifies a patient's limitations and teaches them skills necessary to return to independence. However in case of permanent deficits or limitations a therapist teaches the client new methods and skills to cope with these limitations or introduces the use of adaptive equipment.

An  Occupational therapist might be able to support your child’s developing life skills in the following ways:

  1. Breaking the task down
    Occupational therapists break activities down into teachable steps and then show children what is expected of them in different tasks of daily lives. 
  2. Involve in fun play
    If your child is into trains, planes, rockets, Lego or dolls an occupational therapist uses these things in your child’s sessions as a teaching tool to build essential life skills.
  3. Understanding the environment
    An occupational therapist understands the impact of the environment on children and develops strategies that can help a child cope better in the environments they have a difficulty in or they find challenging

An Occupational therapist who specialises in supporting children in gaining independence and responsibility in daily life skills  can be a fantastic ally for any child or family who needs support with life skills. If you are worried about your child’s life skills progress  and want to learn more about your role in the process please do get in touch with our skilled occupational therapists.

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