Summer Speech Therapy: Why it’s the ideal time

Summer Speech Therapy: Why it’s the Ideal Time

When school’s out and the days are getting longer and warmer, it may seem like an opportunity to relax and take a break from everything. However, from a speech therapy perspective, summer is an ideal time to get the most out of the speech therapy sessions. Here are some reasons why summer is a great time to invest in speech and language development for children and teens.

  1. School’s out

With kids out of the school, they have more free time on their hands. This may allow for greater ease in both attending sessions and also practicing new and existing skills at home. In addition to that during the summer months, your child can focus on therapy without the fatigue of a long day at school.

  1. New experiences

With reduced workload and more free time, new experiences and learning opportunities can be incorporated into therapy goals to enhance progress and development. For example: a trip to the zoo or the museum to work on expanding vocabulary or outdoor games and activities that are aimed at improving articulation.

  1. Setting routine

Summer break is a less organised and a bit chaotic time of the year. Having a scheduled weekly routine by including speech therapy sessions and activities can help maintain a sense of structure for children. Preparing them for the day by giving them a timetable or a schedule reduces anxiety and helps them approach learning with more confidence.

  1. Getting ready for school

Summer can be a great time to catch-up on the existing speech or language skills and pick up on new skills needed for the future, which might need a bit of support in time for the new school year. This will allow your child to go into the next year with confidence.

  1. Scheduling flexibility

During the school year, we are often limited to hours that fit outside of the school schedule. For some children this can be a problem, e.g. a child might function best in the morning rather than the afternoon or evening. In this case children can benefit from the morning sessions in the summer without them missing any class time.

  1. Better weather

During the summers when there's no freezing rain or snow children tend to have more positive emotions. And the better a child feels, the more ready they are to learn new skills.

  1. Consistency

Speech-language pathologists recognise that consistency is key when building new skills in speech-language development, and they often find that children benefit more from year-round therapy programs. By continuing speech therapy in the summers, children can maximise their potential by retaining skills they learned throughout the school year in addition to building new skills.

  1. Home-based Services

With online therapy services a huge benefit is that children learn skills within their natural environments. Learning from the comfort of homes makes it easier for children to generalise skills into their everyday lives.

If you want your child to enrol in a speech-therapy program during the summers, we are happy to discuss and see if Valeo is a good fit for you and your child. Schedule a free consultation to know more about Valeo’s speech and language therapy services.

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