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We offer  online occupational therapy services to meet your child's needs
Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills involve the use of the smaller muscles of the hands and wrists. People rely on these skills for everyday tasks.

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Gross motor skills

Gross motor skills involve movements of the whole body and of the large muscles of the arms, legs, and torso. People rely on these skills to perform everyday tasks.

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Handwriting is a complex skill that requires maintaining a proper pencil grip and an upright body posture along with coordination of eyes, arms and hands.

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Emotional Regulation

Emotional regulation is one’s ability to recognise, process and act upon emotions that one feels.

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Daily Life Skills

Daily Life Skills include all necessary and meaningful activities carried out in our daily lives e.g. grooming, dressing, feeding, bathing etc.

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Sensory Integration

Sensory integration is a process whereby the brain organises and interprets sensory experiences e.g. touch, taste, smell, sight, movement and body awareness.

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Genetic syndromes such as Down syndrome, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, Asperger’s syndrome and Retts syndrome, require occupational therapy to alleviate symptoms

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ADHD is a common neuro-developmental disorder. It is characterised by inability to pay attention, impulsive behaviour, and hyper-activity

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Dyspraxia is a neurological disorder that affects physical coordination and movement. It is also known as Developmental Coordination disorder (DCD)

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Mikaela Shalders
Senior Occupational Therapist
Katie Pennycuick
Speech & Language Therapist
Orla Morrison
Occupational Therapist
Hui Ee (Vicky) Chow
Speech & Language Therapist
Jordan Bills
Speech & Language Therapist
Georgia Campbell
Speech & Language Therapist
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  • Articulation disorders
  • Motor skills development
  • Auditory processing disorder
  • Sensory processing disorders
  • Receptive language delays
  • Self-regulation issues
  • Stuttering and fluency issues
  • Depression
  • Speech and language delays
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Mood disorders
  • OCD
  • Expressive language delays
  • ADHD
  • ADHD

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