therapy, super powered by technology

Licensed Therapists

We work with highly-qualified therapists & coaches to ensure your child is provided with the best care

Latest Technology

Our online platform is supported by proprietary technology, designed by therapists, to ensure we make  online sessions fun & full of engaging activities

How Valeo works?

Free Consultation

A brief session for us to understand your (child’s) needs

Match with a Therapist

We find a suitable therapist based on your child’s needs

Detailed Assessed

A screening session with your therapist for a formal evaluation of your child's needs

Its that easy
Start Therapy

Begin your journey with Valeo with a custom program that is right for your family!

How it Works

get matched to the best therapist for you

Start with a free consultation to ensure we find the most suitable therapist for your child.

At Valeo, we work with a large pool of professionals to get the right therapist for every child.

designed by therapists, built for kids

Most video platforms are built for adults and are not meant to work for kids. How often have you been frustrated by accidental button presses or the clunky experience of trying to remote-control a game or activity?

At Valeo, we have built a specialist platform addressing features requested by the professionals experienced in online therapy, designed to make your child's experience fun and engaging.
The Valeo in session platform comes with a complete suite of features designed to make one-to-one therapy more effective
Collaborative and fun activities have been designed by therapists to make sure your child is engaged throughout while still meeting their therapy goals

progress that you can track

Tracking your child's progress doesn't have to be hard. At Valeo, we have built real time tracking so you are always updated on your child's progress and growth.

plans tailored to your needs

Therapy doesn’t follow a 9-to-5 schedule. At Valeo, we build the therapy plan around your schedule.

Each plan on Valeo is uniquely tailored to the needs of your child so you can track their progress better.

How much does it cost?

Your thirty-minutes consultation is free. Once you decide to work with us, we find you the most suitable therapist. To get started with the therapist we offer a forty-five minutes screening call for $75 for a formal assessment of your child's needs.

During the screening you get a chance to share your availability and affordability with the therapist. Based on those your therapist will work on a personalised plan that includes duration, frequency of sessions, goals & total cost.

A typical therapy plan is 12 weeks long and the total cost depends on the duration and frequency of sessions.

30 mins therapy session for $50
60 mins therapy session for $75

*You are not required to pay upfront for the plan and can pay per session. Of-course you can extend your therapy plan and continue working with your therapist.

How Valeo can help your child?

We help your child get online therapy services and resources designed by UK's leading therapists

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